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January 18, by Stan Thomas. Have you noticed that not everyone in a video conference call Zoom meeting looks the jeeting Most computer cameras are in the top middle of your screen and most phone cameras are at the top of the phone in the area near the ear piece. Once you know where the camera is, try to look at the camera and not at your image or other people on your screen. You should also have the camera at eye level. When your laptop здесь on the desk the camera is usually looking up at you.

You should always raise your laptop camera to match your eye level so you are looking straight into the camera. Be aware of headroom.

Once you have the eye line right, make sure you have the right amount of headroom. Headroom is the amount of space between the top of your head and the top of the screen. That is about the right amount of headroom you should have. Place your computer so that the camera is seeing you from your chest up.

Be aware usse the space behind you. Make sure the area behind you is interesting but not cluttered. Always be aware of your surrounding because what ever is around you will be seen in your meeting. Do not have your back close to the wall behind you. Give yourself some distance behind you so перейти there is depth to your image.

A good distance, if possible, is around three to four feet from the wall behind you. Be aware of your light source. Never set your computer uuse where there is a bright light source behind you. It might seem like laptoo good idea to arrange yourself in front of a window so that your beautiful backyard is highlighted behind you – but unless you have a lot of light on your face coming from behind your computer to is zoom having today the light from the window you will end up being a black blob in front of a how to use camera on laptop for zoom meeting light.

Use the horizontal mode on your phone. Always use your phone in the horizontal position when you are on a video conference call. When you phone is vertical everyone in your meeting will see huge black bars on either side of you. Your image will always look better using all of the screen not just the middle third.

Sound is important. If you are too far away your voice will be too soft. If you are to close it might be muffled. Be aware of common noise in the area you will be using for your how to use camera on laptop for zoom meeting.

Is the washing machine or dryer making a noise? Is the heater that how to use camera on laptop for zoom meeting never hear anymore so loud that you /10290.txt have to yell?

Take note of your surroundings and always speak clearly so that others can hear zkom. Be aware of your appearance. Now smile and go into that meeting with confidence knowing you are going to look your best. Here is a video that I produced that gives visual examples of some of these tips. How to Look Good in a Zoom Meeting.



How to use camera on laptop for zoom meeting –

VideoVelocity lets you record time-lapse video from any webcam. Set up a photo booth at your next get-together using your webcam. Maybe you’re back to the office or at least not taking as many video calls. If you need an image on your computer, use your webcam. What You Need to Know. Sound is important. January 18, by Stan Thomas.


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